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Design secrets for creating an environment that customers want to keep coming back to again and again.


Legendary designer and hospitality specialist Gerrick Numan from Mille joins us to discuss the secrets to great interior design and fit-out that customers love.

You'll get great value from this session, whether you've got a major new venue planned, or looking for inspiration on minor interior tweaks and updates you can make.


Taking your operations from firefighting to a well oiled machine


Richard Mcleod our Loaded CEO shares his story on building a 12 site hospitality group, and the exact steps he took to move from constantly being in firefighting mode to operations running seamlessly.

In the session he will share;

  • How they used outside help for accountability and support
  • The key checklists they used at every venue
  • The key numbers they relentlessly focused on
  • How they rapidly moved to improving their stock purchasing

How to coach your managers to become coaches


Would you like your people to be delivering the most productive feedback to your team, but you're not sure how to get them there?

Learn why great coaching conversations are so valuable, how to create the space to have them and how to deliver inspiring conversations that motivate your team and help them to feel valued.

Liz will leave you with a plan on how to;

  • Create the time in your business for growth, learning and sharing insights.
  • Create inspiring conversations
  • Use key questions for people development

Why employee experience is the key to developing a world class team


Melbourne based Shaun de Vries of Open Pantry not only runs the hugely successful Principles of Hospitality podcast, but also consults directly with bar, restaurant and cafe owners on how to develop the employee experience within their business.

Shaun will be sharing nuggets of gold on how you can,
  • Develop a seamless new employee onboarding process
  • Introduce an incentive system to drive employee performance
  • How to provide continuous training to keep your team striving to improve your guest experience
  • Help your managers develop coaching skills to constantly provide constructive feedback to the team

Taking stocktaking from painful to high performance


Stocktaking is hands down the most feared process in running a hospitality business.

If you want to take stocktaking from something you think you should do, because your accountant said so, to a seamless process that drives profitability, then join us for a session on how to get there.

By the end of the session we'll teach you;
  • How to setup your venue and use stocktake Areas to rapidly speed up your count.
  • How to stocktake recipes you make in bulk as well as your standard stock items.
  • How to identify items needing a recount
  • How to use the stock on hand report to complete line checks
  • How to use stocktake templates to monitor the highest risk items that you sell

Q+A with Executive Chef Kevin Morgan on running multiple kitchens consistently.


The only thing more challenging than operating a busy Kitchen in a restaurant is running multiple busy kitchens!
If you are currently running multiple venues or have ambition to in the future, then make sure you're there for this one.

We'll be asking Kevin:

- How to communicate and hold each Head Chef accountable;
- The reports he expects from his team every week
- How to keep standards high and wastage low


New Feature Alert - How to setup and use Public Holiday Rates in Loaded.


Hot off the press is our brand new pay adjustments feature for helping you accurately manage your rosters, timesheets and payroll exports.

Grace Mitchell from our product team will take you through,

- How to make sure your staff payrates and paycodes are setup correctly before you start using pay adjustments.
- How to enable public holiday, holiday pay and kiwisaver adjustments.
- How to make one off manual adjustments for staff
-Viewing adjustments on a per employee basis and in your labour reports.
- Resources for exporting to your payroll system


Q+A - Successfully promoting a high performing team member to a management role


You've got a relatively junior team member that is a superstar on the floor or behind the bar, but how do you know if they are going to cut it as a manager, and when you do promote them how do you give them the best chance of success.

In this Q+A Session, Legendary multi-site Operations Manager George Eason will answer,

- How to understand when a high performer will not make a great manager and when they likely will.
- How to offer them the role and set your expectations of what they'll achieve.
- The training they should always get before being responsible for managing a venue solo.
- The ongoing development, support and accountability they should be getting early in the role.

With 15 years experience George is a wealth of practical knowledge, and you'll have an opportunity to ask him any question you like during the session.


Turning HR compliance headaches into your competitive advantage


At a time where compliance, staff turnover and shortages are at an all time high, Katherine Dippie and James O'Connell will walk you through how to streamline your HR processes so that your existing and future team see you as the best place to work in hospitality, well ahead of your competitors.

By the end of the session you'll have;

- Proven tactics for recruiting A+ staff members
- A clear understanding for how to implement a world class onboarding system
- The best way to set goals and create a development plan for each team member.

You'll also get to see MunaHR, the product that James and Katherine are working on to make all of your hospitality HR, completely seamless.


Understanding revenue loop that will consistently grow your business


If you've ever felt like you're on a rollercoaster with the sales you're achieving in your business, then the first step you need to take is to understand the full revenue loop, of marketing, sales and customer fulfilment.

In this session Liz Perkins will show you how to;

1. Understand the difference between Marketing, Sales and Fulfilment within a hospitality business
2. Decide how to define your key target market
3. Learn how to leverage your marketing investment through strategic customer fulfilment
4. Communicate clearly the marketing goals with your team for great ROI


Perfecting the recipe and menu creation process


Sophie will teach you;

- How to build recipes and menus so you can monitor your cost of goods and make decisions in real time.
-How to build your out component recipes
-How to create and cost your plated recipes and menus
-How to ensure your costings are kept up to date reflecting fluctuations in stock pricing automatically


Teaching your team to drive topline sales to achieve financial success


Most hospitality businesses to their detriment don't utilise the skills and experience of their team to help drive topline sales.

In this session Liz Perkins will give you the proven system for taking them along for the ride and helping you drive greater revenue.

In this session you will learn:

- How to teach the basics of financial literacy.
- How to analyse the actions that drive your revenue results.
- How to communicate the right numbers to your frontline team.


How to pay the best price for your stock


The "Going Pro in Hospitality" series dives into ensuring you are one of the 10% of operators who is actually paying the prices agreed with suppliers.

Richard McLeod our CEO at Loaded will teach you;

- How to collect the data to negotiate the best possible pricing.
- Where you should focus your purchasing when you are short on time.
- The ordering and receiving system to follow to make sure you end up paying the right price.
- Systemising the process of monitoring pricing.


Getting Started Exporting from Loaded to Xero


We're getting specific this week with how you can export your purchase orders from Loaded Stock, through to Xero.
We'll teach you;
  • How to do your first Export
  • How to match the codes in Xero to Food and Beverage in Loaded
  • How to ensure your contacts are set as a supplier in Xero
  • How to ensure your cost of Goods in Xero matches exactly with your cost of goods in Loaded.

    As always there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions throughout the session.

Why leading hospitality operators use Open Book Management


In this session our platinum partner at The Hospitality Company will take you through why many of the world's leading hospitality companies are using Open Book Management to drive success in their businesses.

You'll learn;

  • What Open Book Management is and how you can implement it
  • The results you can expect once implemented
  • How to offer staff incentives driven by Open Book Management

Streamline your labour management to constantly improve profitability results.


Sophie Rattray is back sharing her expertise on streamlining your labour management to constantly improve profitability results.

Sophie will be covering;
  • Analysing your labour percentage and where to make improvements.
  • The labour numbers you should be checking every day.
  • Analysing your labour expense by department
  • How to get your staff timeclocks into Loaded in real time
  • What every manager who runs a shift for you should understand
  • Tips and tricks for achieving world class labour percentages

Interview with James Arnott, CEO at Cook Brothers Bars


Loaded Labs brings you an Interview with James Arnott, the CEO at Cook Brothers Bars a 12 site hospitality group and the Product Director for Loaded.
James originally developed Loaded to centralise and simplify the reporting for his own bar and restaurant group and has developed it to be able to provide people with the opportunity to drive the best profitability performance in the industry.
In our interview with James we'll cover,
  • What he looks at to improve performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in his own group?
  • What are three of the biggest boosts to profitability he has implemented and seen work in his own group.
  • How to focus on the numbers while still having the customer experience as the most important priority.
  • What he thinks about when developing new features for the Loaded.

How to run powerful weekly management meetings


Presented by our platinum partner at The Hospitality Company.

Liz Perkins has owned and operated her own hugely successful hospitality business, and has now coached 100's of NZ and Australian businesses on how to do the same.

She spends her time travelling, studying and meeting some of the worlds best hospitality groups including Union Square Hospitality ( Shake Shack) in New York City and Zingerman's in Ann Arbour.
In this session she'll teach you why a powerful weekly management session will transform your hospitality business and the tips and tricks for getting your team producing world class results.


How to Analyse your stocktakes to achieve world class cost of goods performance


Sophie is back to help you tackle your stocktake reporting;

You'll leave the session knowing how to;

  • Systematically analyse your stocktake reports
  • Common issues and how to resolve them
  • Best practice tips for making sure your stocktakes are accurate
  • How to communicate stocktaking issues with your team, so you reduce wastage and boost profits.
  • Best practice tips for achieving world class Cost of Goods percentages

Getting Started with Rostering & Predicting your Labour Costs


Sophie Rattray the head of Loaded Labs has run all kinds of hospitality businesses, and is a total pro when it comes to setting up your rostering for success.

You'll leave the session knowing how to;

  • Create your first roster
  • Correctly manage salary and wage staff members
    Analyse your predicted labour cost versus your budgeted sales
  • Ensure your back of house and kitchen team work seamlessly together when creating rosters
  • Best practice tips for achieving best practice wage percentages

Ask Me Anything, Loaded CEO Richard McLeod


Ask our CEO Richard Mcleod anything on his 15 years experience in building a nationwide hospitality group, and anything you could be doing to use Loaded to manage your business better.

Expect discussion on;

  • The key things you need to have in place before adding a new site
  • Where to start with incentives for your managers and employees
  • What you should be looking at every day to drive performance

Q+A with Lucy Whelan

Founder of Lone Star & Joes Garage


In a career spanning 33 years Lucy Whelan has been involved since "Ground Zero" with the Lone Star Group. She is a class act at the heart of a company that practices love, care and generosity better than any other hospitality group I know.

Easily the largest big format franchise in the country with 40 venues across the country we'll dive into how Lucy and her fellow founders took a passionate love of country music and evolved it into a hugely energetic family business that embraced extended family members and close friends to become a hospitality icon.

In growing a business from one site to forty, we will hear a lot of great war stories of the franchising game and very practical advice for anyone looking to franchise their existing businesses or grow their existing franchise. 


Q+A with Sam Gruar & Penelope Johnson

Owners of La Rumbla & Slow Cuts


In the resort town and tourist mecca of Queenstown, we’ll find out how hospo owners and partners Sam Gruar and Penelope Johnson have created their own thriving niche in a very crowded market, with their Iconic La Rumbla and Slowcuts restaurants and recently opened Good day cafe.

Prior to the opening of La Rumbla and Slowcuts both have enjoyed significant hospitality careers with Sam having done his time at New Zealand institutions Saffron and The French Cafe while PJ was an integral part of The Good Group team and involved in the openings and growth of their Botswana Butchery outlets.

After a stint together in Ibiza at one of the world's largest nightclubs they returned to New Zealand and have opened three outlets in quick succession. It has been an amazing hospitality story to watch.

We’re looking forward to finding out how the couple have slotted into their own roles within the business, the difficulties they’ve faced with such rapid growth and of course how they are making change in their business to ensure success in a town that now has no international tourism.